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Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Huerta Los Caños

Huerta Los Caños is an Ultra-Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, from Organic production, obtained in Los Caños, an estate that has been in our family since the beginning of the 20th century.


It was back in 1909 that Mr. Lorenzo Martínez and Ms. Adela Fuset purchased, from the Marquise of San Miguel de la Vega, the hacienda “Los Tres Caños”, located between Baeza and La Yedra, with its extensive fields and the centenary olive grove surrounding it: mostly planted in the 17th century, when construction of the house started. Since then, five generations of our family have enjoyed the silence of the olive grove.


The 1,200 Picual trees grow at a remarkable height of 800 metres above sea level and are arranged following the planting pattern typical of the oldest plantations, with large distances between the olive trees.


Our cropping system promotes sustainability and fosters biodiversity, as fundamental factors in all our cultivation processes.


The harvesting of the fruit is carried out at the end of October, when the olives are at an early ripening stage, by means of the manual system of shaking down and hand picking the olives, taking great care during the transfer to the oil mill for cold extraction at 20ºC.

Tasting notes

Intense fruity oil in shades of green, fresh and deep aromas, prominent notes of freshly cut grass, tomato plant, banana and raw artichoke on the nose. On the palate, green leaf and green almond predominate, with low-intensity bitterness and spiciness that builds up. Its long aftertaste provides a sweet balsamic sensation.

Processes certified according to Quality Standards:

  • Organic Packer Certification
  • Olivares Vivos – SEO BirdLife Certification
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard for the Quality Management System of the manufacturing and packaging processes
  • ISO 14001:2015 Quality Standard for the Environmental Management System of the manufacturing and packaging processes
  • IFS (International Food Standard) Quality Certification for the certification of food safety in the manufacturing and packaging processes


  • 500 ml

2022 Awards

  • Gold Medal, Ecotrama Organic Oil Awards
  • Gold Medal, Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards